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Luana Life coming in 2019

It was the afternoon of April 7th, 2018. I nervously paced, refreshed my computer every few seconds and waited. I was anxious for my scheduled 10-minute facetime call with the Luana Garden Villas sales team. We would have just minutes to make a 2 million dollar decision. The Luana townhome development will be the last phase of Honua Kai Resort and what appears to be the last chance to purchase a new build property proximal to all Kaanapali beach.

The sales process started for us in February, when we submitted an expression of interest contract and followed that by wiring a deposit and obtaining loan pre-approval. The timing of those events placed us in line to purchase. I calculated that we were about #16. Every ten minutes someone else in front of us selected and purchased a Luana townhome property. We had to wait our turn and watch online as they posted the sales in real time via an online portal.

We had done our homework and were ready to select amongst the 28 townhomes being released for contract sale on that day. We used an indexing spreadsheet to create a prioritized list that incorporated many decision factors that were most important to us. Price versus view? Traffic noise versus wind direction? Upper level versus lower? Because we are already Honua Kai owners, we know the property well and poured over every map and photo we could find.

Five of our top ten sold in the first hour. The sales dynamics changed in the second and third hours. When our turn came, and it became clear that we would be able to buy Luana 6B, we were ecstatic! It had been #6 on our list and not #1 only because it was near the top of our price range. Everything else was perfect.

Luana 6B will face directly towards the Pacific ocean with views of palm trees and Maui sunset skies. As a ground floor unit, the lanai will have direct walk out towards the ocean and pools, with no elevators or stairs. It will be away from the main road and sheltered from the prevailing northerly winds. There will be lots of grassy areas all around for frisbees and soccer balls! What a perfect place for a family vacation!

Artist Rendering showing location of Luana 6B

The Luana Garden Villas will each have 2047 sq ft of living space and 562 sq ft of Lanai space. The renderings and plans are gorgeous, showing a spacious open living area and kitchen, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, utility room, and a garage with a second parking space behind it. The lanai will have its own grill, fridge, sink, dining table for six and sofa seating area. This will be a real home within feet of one of the top beaches in the world and part of a four star resort complex.

The first part of Luana is set to be completed sometime around the end of Summer, 2019. Now we must wait again, but this time it will be less stressful! The Luana 6B will be part of our vacation rental business and available to book after closing.

Video below provided by our buyers' representative Jeremy Stice. Contact him if you are interested in owning at the Honua Kai resort.

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